Thursday, June 23, 2011

6 Hot Nail Trends for Summer

1. Shatter or Crackle Polish -  Who didn't go out and buy the Katy Perry Black Shatter when it first came out?  Since then these polishes come in loads of colors, from white to teal to hot pink, and every brand is racing to come out with their own line of shatter polishes.  For a wicked summer mani top a pastel polish with a silver shatter or a bright orange polish with a white shatter. 

2. Neon and Bright Polish- For those of you who love to get crazy, the louder, more obnoxious, most obscenely bright polish you can find, the better.  I love wearing polish that makes my eyes hurt to look at it.  I'm in love with Sally Hansen HD Nail Color Line.  My fav colors are Byte, Hi-Res, and Resolution. On a side note though...they're a little difficult to get off, so make sure you have time to soak :)

3. Metallic Polish -  Silver is HUGE this summer and is gorgeous with most every color.  OPI  has a silver shatter that came out with their Pirates of the Caribbean line that looks wonderful over pastels (another hot trend).  Sally Hansen also has beautiful metallics in the HD Line. 

4.  Chunky Glitter Polish-  Remember when you were a kid and loved painting your nails with sparkly, fun, chunky glitter polishes.  Welp, those days are back!  Every line makes them and they come in every color imaginable.  Wear them alone, or over your favorite nail color!  Milani has a gorgeous line of glitter polishes.

5.  Reds - What's sexier than a glossy, red lip?  Red nails to match of course!  And, lucky duckies, they're all over this summer.  Whether it's a metallic red, glittery red, shatter red...all are shades and finishes are gorgeous.  I especially love dark metallic and bright glittery reds.

6. Pastels - For the covertly sexy among us, pastels are beautiful, simple, and elegant.  Everything from Robin's Egg Blue to Lilac.  MAC has a few sweet colors for the summer, Ice Cream Cake, Mischievous Mint, and Little Girl Type...all super cute!

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I love these colors from Mac their gorgeous !!!!