Monday, July 11, 2011

BTM - Photoshoot with Mark and Erica

I did a candy/glitter themed shoot a few weeks ago with Mark Sachet and Erica Little.  I had been looking to do something bright, fun, and colorful for a while, so when they called I jumped on it.  Here's some of my faves from the shoot and how I created the look:

For the candy design on Erica's face I used adhesive backed scrapbooking decals.  I placed Elmer's glue over the rhinestones, sprinkled on the nonpareils, and let them dry overnight.  To be honest, I didn't think this was going to work, but I was super excited when it did and it stayed beautifully!

For the first look, I used Temptu's S/B airbrush foundation in #3, #6 for contour, and #45 and #46 mixed for blush.  I used a bright pink eyeshadow and bright purple eyeshadow (both from urban decay), MAC's fluidline for eyeliner, and NARS lip color in Funny Face.  Then I just cut apart the decals I made and placed them where I wanted on her face.

For the second look, I used the same base, MAC's eyeshadow in Dazzlelight, MAC's fluidline, MUFE's eyeshadow in 04, NYX's jumbo eye pencil in Cottage Cheese, Julie Hewitt's lip color in Femme Noir, pink, hot pink, and red rhinestones glued around her eye with DUO adhesive and red glitter on her lips.

This shoot was really fun, but I felt sorry for Mark's floor.  It was a glittery, tasty mess :)

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