Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Swatch and Review - Sleek Makeup Palettes

I had heard a lot about this brand called Sleek Makeup and after watching a few videos of the colors in action, I wanted a few of their palettes.  Sadly, I couldn't purchase one of the ones I wanted from the website, so I turned to Ebay.  Of course, lots of people on Ebay sell Sleek Makeup and after deciding on the two palettes I wanted I purchased them for pretty cheap (less than $20 each with shipping).  They both got here pretty quickly, however one of the colors in one of my palettes was obliterated.  The woes of getting makeup shipped.  Other than that, I'm happy with my purchase for the most part.  Here are my palettes:

Sleek Makeup Acid Palette

I was sooooo excited to get this palette because of the super bright colors.  I had been looking for a palette that had blingy, in your face colors for a while.  Most of the colors are matte, some has a satin sheen to them.  The neon colors aren't as bright as I thought they would be once I got them on my skin.  I'm sure they're brighter with a base though.  But...extra +++, some of the colors glow under a blacklight!!!  Now I can't wait for the Deadmau5 concert I'm going to in September!!!! 

Here are the colors under a blacklight...the glowing ones are neon yellow, orange, pink, and green

Sleek Makeup Bad Girl Palette

Love all the sexy darks.  All of the colors have a satin sheen to them except the black, it's matte.  All are very pigmented and gorgeous.  One of my highlight colors was damaged in the shipping process, but it didn't effect my other colors and I have many more off white highlight colors around so no biggie.

LOTD's with these palettes soon!  

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