Monday, August 1, 2011

Too Faced Exotic Intense Eyeshadow - Poison Orchid & Petals To The Metal

I'm obsessed with Too Faced are their new fall collection for 2011, Midnight in the Garden Glamour.  All the releases have been amazing.  I picked up their new smokey eye palette and these two eyeshadows.  The first store I looked at was sold out of Poison Orchid, so I had to go to a few stores to find it, but I was determined! 
The first color I picked up was Petals To The Metal.  I love shifting colors!  It's a metallic brown that shifts to blue with the changing light.  It gets really intense when wet or when it's used with their Glitter Glue.  Super silky, smooth, and very pigmented.  It's a must have!
Second color was Poison Orchid.  It.Is.Stunning.  It's a midnight amethyst that shifts black to bright purple in the light.  This color takes some building, but if you use a base it's quick and the results are beautiful.  One of my new favorite eyeshadows!  Oh, and the packing is super cute!

Order: Petals To The Metal, Poison Orchid
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