Monday, September 5, 2011

Behind the Scenes with Schylar Rene

Schylar's story is one of inspiration.  14 year old Schylar had begun to put an amazing portfolio together when last June, her modeling career came to a screeching halt.  She was attacked by a neighbor's dog, it ripped out part of her nasal cavity and part of her lip.  A year later, after stitches and numerous surgeries, the scars are barely visible now and Schylar was ready to get her modeling career back on track.  An organization called Models helping Models and it's founder, David Kidd, heard about Schylar's story and wanted to help her rebuild her portfolio.  She flew out to Phoenix and did 11 shoots in 5 days!  I was able to be a part of 3 of those shoots and Schylar rocked everyone one.  With her amazing personality and determination, I see big things on the horizon for this young model!

1st shoot with Schylar
Photographer: David Henry
Models: Schylar Rene, Nick Koester
Wardrobe: Jennifer O'Bannon
Hair: Alan Cawthorn
Makeup: Myself

Shoot 2 - Circus couture (loved the makeup for this one)
Photographer: Dermot Carey
Model: Schylar
Hair: Aeni Domme
Wardrobe: Amanda Carey
Makeup: Myself

Last shoot (and Schylar's last few hours in Phoenix)
Missing from the Party Fashion Editoral Spread
Photographer: Trevor Daley
Model: Schylar
Hair: Wade Lee
Wardrobe: Jennifer O'Bannon
Makeup: Myself

Finished pictures and behind the makeup coming soon!

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