Monday, February 6, 2012

Newest Work

First sorry to be slacking on the blog.  I've been keeping myself so busy lately with the hubby out of town that I haven't had time lol.  Good news is I have lots of new work to show for it :)  Here's one of the shoots I did about two weeks ago with photographer Alex Bussa and model Jordyn from Ford/RBA.  This showcased some of my best work yet!  LOVED this shoot!  LOTD's on each look to come :)

She's holding a hair flower that my friend Jenny brought my from Hawaii. 

Who doesn't love peacock feathers??

Rainbow individual lashes from Elise at

Bow lashes from Make Up For Ever's Tres Vinchey collection


bookgirl12 said...

Your pictures look so professional :D

I love it!

Peacock lipstick was the best :D

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Something Girly... said...

Really beautiful! I've seen the lashes with the bows before, I want!! Sooooo cute xx