Friday, June 15, 2012

Too Faced Natural at Night Palette

I'm obviously obsessed with the eye palettes from Too Faced and picked up another one the other day.  This time I bought the Natural at Night palette...I loved all the different browns.  Most of the browns are on the darker side though, since this palette is meant for sexy nighttime eyes without being too dramatic.  It comes with 3 highlight colors, Full Moon (light bronze color), Night Light (soft, frosty brown with sparkle), and Spotlight (a matte nude color).  It also comes with 6 shadow colors that can be mixed and matched anyway you please; Nightcap (frosty, goldy brown), Cocoa Star (matte medium brown), After Hours (frosty brown with gold sparkle), Eclipse (rust color), Moon Stone (frosty golden brown), and Night Fever (olive brown with gold sparkle). 

Highlight colors in daylight ( Full Moon, Night Light, Spotlight)

Shadow colors in Daylight (Nightcap, After Hours, Moon Stone, Cocoa Star, Eclipse, Night Fever)

Shadow colors with camera flash ((Nightcap, After Hours, Moon Stone, Cocoa Star, Eclipse, Night Fever)

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Natasha Fazli said...

Love ur blog! I been wanting to try out the two faced makeup line. from ur swatches they look great! Def following u! ck out my blog as well: