Monday, September 10, 2012

New Zuca Bag (Sephora Pro Rolling Bag)

I have been wanting a Zuca bag forever, but had been putting it off because they are sooo expensive, around $300.  I received an email from Sephora with their summer clearance and they had a Zuca bag for $140!!!  Plus I had an extra 10% off VIB coupon!  I got the bag, tax and all, for $130!  I was beyond excited!  It arrived probably about a week ago and I love it!  The only thing I don't like is the big "Sephora" logo across it, but I'm going to replace it with my company logo so it's all good.  I haven't organized the bag yet because I'm going to Vegas this weekend and want to buy extra organization bags to go in it from Make Up For Ever, but once I get it all organized, I'll do another blog post.  For now, here's all about the bag! 
Front: The Sephora flap has a magnetic snap, underneath is the zipper to open the bag
Right Side:  Has two zipper pockets, both are pretty deep.  This bag also has the one wheel on the bottom (some have two wheels).  Because it has only the one wheel, this bag can be a carry on for plane travel, the two wheeled bags are not carry ons.
Left Side: Two pockets like the right side
Back: Extendable arm for wheeling the bag around, pocket to put i.d.

Inside Zuca bag: Deep and roomy inside for lots of storage and organization.  Mesh hammock pocket on top of bag, two mesh pockets on the open flap.  Lots of room in all pockets.  None useless.
The Zuca bag came with 5 vinyl lined organization pouches that act as stackable drawers.  I love that they have a clear top so I can see everything in them. The pouches offer lots of storage space for super easy organization and are washable. 

Top:  This bag has an aluminum frame, so it's super light but strong, and can hold a good amount of weight.  The seat on top can hold 300lbs.  Great if you get to a shoot or to a wedding where there's no place to sit or have people sit.  You (or clients) can sit on the bag!  (You can also buy a seat cushions at the Zuca website)

The bag came with this water resistant dust cover too!  Great for protecting your bag while you travel or from raining weather!

The dust cover offers a zipper in back so you can still extend the arm and roll the bag around.  It also has a pocket to put i.d.


Marcela said...

Hi! How can I get one, I love it! Thanks

Rachel B said...

Since it was a clearance item, Sephora is no longer carrying them, however you can get one off their website

Style Ashlee said...

I just recently bought the Inglot Zuca- it's amazing right! Loved your post! Ashley xo